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I'd like to challenge each of you to search your memory, phone books, records and old shipmates to locate and touch base with one of your shipmates that you served with on the Sam Rayburn. It's possible they don't even know this site exists. maybe looking at the photos on this site will jog some thoughts about that old friend that you served with and have thought of many times. Get your butt in gear and make an effort to get in touch and have them log in here. It would be a tragedy if you did nothing and that old friend left this earth before you could say HI! Git R' Done!!!
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I was a MT for 7 patrols, 1972 till 76 (Blue crew) In the last couple of years I've been contact with Rick Williams, Wray Mathews (MTs), Ed Hurd (TM), Frenchie Richard (MM) I think. I've heard what they did to my boat,, dang,, Thinking hard about the reunion in Nashville,,,
Joe Dexter
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Lost track of everyone when the old website went down. "Hi" to Tim, Cal, Wray, Ed, Dick, Billy Comer and everyone else.
Charlie Holbrook
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Trying to make contact with Potter. Are you the same Potter we used to call PeeWe and lived in Norwich, CT?  I don't have a clue how to use this Deck log system. 

Charlie Holbrook QM 3 (SS) DV
SSBN 635 (1971- 1974)
Art Bobik
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Reported aboard 4-10-1964 Blue Crew - Seaman Apprentice - changed to Gold Crew morning of commissioning and sent to a fast attack 4-1965 - too many seaman - wish I had stayed
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