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Jay McNelly
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   Just wanted to let all know that i am back nome again and also thank all those who called or sent a card while I was laid up. That was a long 41/2 months in the hospital. Had to go through rehab to learn to function again (walking, etc). They did a good job and wouldn't release me until i could get into the motor home and get in and out of the driver's srat. Managed to drive the rig home and enjoyed getting behind the wheel again. Still trying to get stronger and walk more. Doing fine and thank God for a good wife.
   Looking forward to the reunion and hope to see all there.  Thanks again for all the support I got.
Stan Feinberg
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It's good to hear that your doing better. I am looking forward to seeing you in Nashville. Don't over do it and get better.

Tom Pauls
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Rest up until its time to go. The reunion would not be the same if you are not there.


John Pearce
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Hey Jay,

Glad to hear you are back on the rapid road to recovery!  Looking forward to seeing you guys at the reunion.  Take care.

Smooth sailing,
Jack Rininger
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Glad to hear that you're on the mend we'll see you in Nashville.
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