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   We recently learned of the death of Steven Buski. This news re-enforced my feelings of my own immortality. None of us are getting any younger. With this thought in mind I plan on attending as many reunions as possible. We last had the chance of enjoying Steve's presence at the San Diego reunion. He was, as Doc Rushing says, one of the good guys. I made quite a few patrols with Steve and it was a pleasure to serve with him. He will be missed.
   In light of the above, I encourage each of you to attend as many of the reunions as you can. After all the Rayburn, more specifically the crew, was a big part of our lives and any chance to re-capture a small part of that is an opportunity that should be taken.
   Steve, you will be missed and thank you for your friendship...Jay
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Your message showed up. You are doing good for an old fart.
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