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Bugle Boy
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Got a call today that I should log in here and let everyone know I am still alive and kicking (but not very high).  I reported aboard Mr. Sam in November of 1970 and left the Navy in April 1972 after 7 years.  I was ET1(SS) in RC Div and put her through the Portsmouth yard period.  Served on the USS Thomas Jefferson prior to Mr. Sam.

Met Capt. McKinster at a Thomas Jefferson Reunion in Branson a few years ago.  He hadn't changed much.  

I am in the Topeka-Jefferson City Sub Vet's base, ride with the Patriot Guard Riders, am in Bugles Across America and volunteer at the Harry S. Truman Veteran's Hospital here in Columbia, Missouri every Friday.  Retired from Callaway Nuclear Plant as Systems Engineer and the University of Missouri Research reactor as Reactor Manager.  

Pretty much fully retired now but spent 18 months in '08 and 09 as Equipment Engineer at the Uranium Enrichment Facility in Hobbs, New Mexico (not a typo, I really did live and work in Hobbs.) 

Nice to see this site.

Paul Hobbs ET1(SS)
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Hello Paul,

I was in A Gang during the yards you may or may not remember me.

I've worked mostly Nukes since getting out in '73 but none you mentioned. My sister-in-law Marcia Phenix is working at Hobbs.

Good to hear from you are you an SRA mamber? We sure would like for you to be if not. You missed a good reunion recently in Reno. The next one is in Nashville 2013.

Hope to see you there.

Your shipmate,
Carl Rammel MM1/SS
Bugle Boy
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Hi Carl,

Sorry, but you and many others have faded from the old memory bank over the years. 

I worked a lot with Marcia at the Hobbs Enrichment plant.  Very nice lady.  She did scheduling of my equipment work, designs, procurement, manufacturing and installation.  We lived in the same RV park for a while.  Tell her I said hello.

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