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Does anyone remember jimmy mayes. He took his own life about 40 yrs ago. He left behind 4 kids. I am with the youngest of his children. He was 3 when his dad took his own life so he does not know much of him. Anyone with any stories of him would be helpful and greatly appreciated. Thank you
Stan Feinberg
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Jim and I were good friends. He was on the Gold crew with me. I stood Aux Forward watch station and I would see him most times when I dd my rounds through the Torpedo Room. When off patrol and on shore, Jim loved to party and loved to be in the middle of any party he was at. He was a quiet type of guy most times and was extremely serious when times called for. I know that when I had heard that he took his own life, I was devastated as he was a very strong willed person and was a very dedicated Navy man. From the 1st time we met, I could tell he was a LIFER. He was going to stay in the Navy and ride the wave as long as he could. I sincerely believe, to this day, that as his career was coming to an end, contributed to his taking his life. I will look through my pictures and see if I have any photos of his and will be happy to forward them to you, if you send me your e-mail address. Respectfully, Stan Feinberg
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