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John Bergsma
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I found this site through Navy Shift Colors.  I was stationed aboard March 1977 through sometime in 1980 (I would have to look up my transfer date).  I was Blue/overhaul/Gold crew, Weapons Department, Missile Division. 
Steve Andreu
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John - of all the times coming to the SR website you're the first person I recognized as having served with. Hope all is well with you and your family. I retired in Feb 1990, finished college and now employed by Draper. My wife and I have a home in my home state of Florida on the shores of Lake Apopka. 
I would like to hear from you so if you get a chance please drop me a line.

David E. Rogers
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John , don't recognize the name .Your not that hairless guy that took my place . Blue crew FTB till Nov.1977.
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