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Larry Oiler
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There are currently, 85 shipmates and guests registered for the October Reunion.


If you don't see the names of some of your close shipmates on the list, you might want to give them a call and try to convince them to attend the reunion.  There is still time for them to sign-up.


FYI - List of shipmates that registered for the October 2013 reunion follows:


John & Donna Benke

J.C. & Jan Bittner

David Brown & Eileen Higgins

Jim (JC) Brown

Wesley & Jeri Brown

Harlan Brown

Mathew & E'Lisa Burns

Lorin & Mavis Chatwin

Marion & Rise Crowl

Kenneth & Jackie Dallman

Jim & Gerry Darr - Guests Bart & Flo Riley

Jack & Shannon Dowell

Kenhi & Marlene Drewes

Dalton & Amy Duncan

Paul Eggers

Stan & Lillian Feinberg

Pete & Jeanette Fortier

Mark Hosier

Al & Lola Kaldor

Leo Laurendeau & Debi Cabello

John & Nikki Legler

David & Kim Martin

George & Dorothy McCarley

David & Glenda McGrath

Jay & Carole McNelly - Guests Barry & Judy McF????

Dennis & Alla Mortensen

Gregory & Kathleen Nadeau

John & Wendy Nicol

Larry & Pat Oiler

Tom & Carol Pauls & Carol's Mother Helen Luttermos??

John & Mona Penisten

Carl & Debbie Rammel

Jack & Becky Rininger

Jerry Rininger

Ralph & Karen Rosenberger

Darrell & Ann Rushing

Bill & Sharon Schaible

Gary & Linda Smith

Thomas & Dawn Sprague

Michael Tucker

Ronald & Fay Ward

Eric Wickiser

Willie Williams

Lyle & Sallie Wolfgang






Stan Feinberg
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Too bad there weren't more shipmates listed. I was hoping to see three times what we have listed presently. I challenge everyone that is planning on coming to get on the phone and convince another shipmate to come to this reunion.
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