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Fellow Shipmates,

This Deck-log is all new to me also, but I feel after we give it a shakedown cruise, things will work out!!

Alla and I are all signed up with the hotel site for our upcoming reunion and looking forward to another great time with all our shipmates.  I sure agree with Larry Oiler, we need to get a hold of our brothers and invite all of them to the USS Sam Rayburn Reunion #7 to be held in Reno, NV. June 12 through 16, 2011.  Our Shipmates, Roy Meadows & Jim Weaver are working their you know what off to make this a great reunion and we need to show up and let them know how much we appreciate all their hard work.

I look forward to seeing a whole bunch of Brothers come June in Reno!  God Bless All of You and Have a Merry Christmas and Healthy / Prosperous New Year..

Dennis Mortensen MM1(SS) M-Div 68-72 Gold/Ovhl/Gold
SRA President 

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Sure is good to see the decklog up and running again. I don't post a lot but I enjoy seeing some of the old shipmates. Don't think I will make the reunion after being on my deathbed all summer...takes more than a little bacteria on the heart valves to take a submarine sailor out!

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Still trying to figure this decklog out, hope to see a lot of shipmates at the renioun.

Jack Rininger
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