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  • When you open the General chat Forum, Click on NEW TOPIC to enter a message. After that you can start typing in the message area or if you want to play around you can set the font, text size and other various conditions the same as using Word.
  • Here is where all you old farts can post messages and have general chat. if you have any problem, please get a hold of me by sending me an e-mail at

    If you scroll down you will also see that the forum has spell check. Use it if you want too. i have incooporated this into this forum. You can also preview your post before it goes live, so you can see if what you wrote is what you wanted.

    Once you are satisfied with your post, click on the bottom left button POST MESSAGE and what you wrote goes LIVE, and everyone can see it.
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Hard to chat because ears are not seeing well!

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