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Stan Feinberg
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I have been pretty busy getting this decklog streamlined to make it easy to use than before. NOW, you only neeed to click on New Topic, enter your name, e-mail address and a subject and type your comment/message. I will put out a notice to everyone announcing this new system. Then at the bottom of the message screen, click on Post New Message.
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Stan just open your e-mail how is Lillian doing?
Jay McNelly
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Ya one good Stan, the decklog is much easier to use. Sure hope others find it the same. Maybe a blurb in the Sentinel and a short presentation at the reunion would help. Like to see more shipmates use it after all your work...Jay
Jerry Rininger
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Going, will be staying at Hotel.

Danny Paschall
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My first time to visit the website. I'm really excited to hear about the reunion and have plans on attending. I recognized a few names on the list. I served from 71-74. I was an A-ganger. Would love to hear from old shipmates--Cal, Wray, Zip, Huck, Gabe, George and James. Are you out there?


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