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Jay McNelly
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   Just wanted to let all who are going to the reunion with their RV, I checked and the best RV Park I found is one Called Nashvgille Country. It is about 15 minutes north of the reunion site. I know some people that have stayed there and they said it is a really good place to stay. The are no longer with Passport America but honor the Good Sam discount. They also offer a weekly rate. Most folks stay for the week and that makes for mor time to sea stories and good outdoor cooking. Contact me if interested and I will try to get reservations for all and hopefully get a group discount (no promise on that though).
   You can also go to their web site and look it over. Just google Nashvillle Country RV Park. A pretty comprensive site. The weekly rate is about &180. Not a bad price. I will also request that all sites and together so we can enjoy it more...Jay
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