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Doc Rushhing
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     Something new: I suggest and will setup this reunion 2017 at the below venues.
        1. A 5 day cruise out of New Orleans,LA or Galveston,TX.

        2. Branson,MO.   The most military devoted town Ive ever seen.

   This will be brought to the floor during business meeting, something to think about.
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Sounds good Doc. I especially like the cruise out of NO, but some folks may not
like a cruise. Branson also sounds good. Not sure about RD parks. Only know of
one park there and it is a KOA and they are not my favorites so that may need a
bit of research. Maybe someone is more familiar with the zrea. Thanks for volunteering
for offering to set up the reunion again. Didn't you learn about volunteering while
you were a sailor? My thanks again... jay
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