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jim brown
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i just saw a post on face book where they were going to have a midyear reunion for sam rayburn. this sight was started 13 years ago by a group of guys who wanted to stay in touch & meet every couple of years to say hi before we die.i think larry oiler was the guy who got it going & he did a great job. but now it seems there is the NEW GUYS ( 1975 forwared) who have there own group of guys who want to get together, makes sense, i think that now we should try to connect to these folks & turn over the reins to them. they in turn can turn them over to the last bunch before she was i was once pres of the association i knew one day we would would die or not be able to attend the reunions so now is the perfect time to join in with the new sam rayburn guys on face book & see if we can all get on the same page. makes sense i think  v/r j brown

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